Whats your Excuse? See the Top Nigerian Rich Kids that still have their own Hustle (PHOTOS)


The truth is that none of us had the capacity to choose who we wanted our parents to be. Otherwise, a lot of us would have opted for the luxury life that some of these billionaire kids enjoy today. These kids were born with silver spoons; they had the world given to them and still reap the benefits of it on a daily basis.

They can’t help it that their parents are multi-millionaires or big time billionaires. Hence, they bask in the life that luck and fate already cut out for them, and they live the life of the wealthy and the powerful.

From luxury cars to luxury clothes and the luxury lifestyle, comfort belongs to them. However, in the midst of this comfort, some of these kids still strive to run their own games. They have their own hustles and they find ways to imprint their names, and not that of their parents, on the sands of time. Regardless of the fact that a few of them still enjoy the perks of being born into wealth like high-class network and probably a level of funding, this absolutely should be commended.

As such, here are some of the individuals that are in the business of running their own games or at least trying to, as oppose to relying completely on the wealth they can easily inherit.

  • Davido


David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is a top Nigerian musician and son of billionaire, Chief Deji Adeleke. Even though he calls himself ‘OBO’, that is Omo Baba Olowo, to signify that he is the son of a wealthy man; Davido does anything but relax with his father’s money. Rather, he has pushed his music career so much that he now makes his own millions with ease. He is one son any father would be proud of.

  • DJ Exclusive

While he is not the son of a billionaire, he is the nephew to Nigeria’s oil maven and the richest woman in Africa. Therefore, he is worthy of mention. Rotimi Alakija, better known as DJ Xclusive, is a Nigerian disc jockey, record producer and recording artist. While his aunty, Folorunsho Alakija, is a billionaire in her own right, the DJ’s wealth cannot be attributed to her. Rather, he has built his one empire from the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and beyond.

  • Falz

femi falana son falz 

Falz is one person that many of us have grown to love. Unlike many others, nobody really sees him standing in the shoes of his father. Having tried going into Law like his father, he got back into the country and chose a different kind of comedy and music. Femi Falana SAN, his father, is a Nigerian Lawyer and human rights activist that has made his money through the Nigerian Judiciary System. Folarin Falana, Falz, has made a name for himself and taken himself from under his father’s umbrella. He is certainly one to be emulated.

  • DJ Cuppy

dj cuppy

Of course, this list is not complete without the amiable DJ Cuppy. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, is a Nigerian music producer and the daughter of Nigerian Oil billionaire Femi Otedola. As we know, she did not necessarily shy away from the luxury and advantage of her father’s wealth, but at least she isn’t crossing her arms and legs and relying on it completely. She is a DJ and she performs at various events within Nigeria and beyond.

  • Jide Adenuga
jide adenuga

Finally, Jide Adenuga makes this list without a doubt. Son to the communications King, Mike Adenuga; Jide Adenuga has carved a niche for himself in the business world. He founded his own company and has become a young CEO of it and he just recently launched a luxury Champagne, called Montaudon. He certainly knows how to make his own money.

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