Help! This Happened to Me After a Neighbour Invited Me for a R omp

A man is in need of serious help after an embarrassing encounter with a neighbour who wanted a r omp.
After a very traumatic divorce I am having my first s exual relationship for 15 years. The passion and love was there but then I lost it.
I’m 42 and have recently got friendly with a neighbour. She’s 48 and is also divorced.

She invited me round for drinks one night and we ended up virtually ripping each other’s clothes off – but then I lost my erection at the crucial moment.
It keeps happening now. She has offered to help stimulate me but I’m wary as she can be quite rough.
I get early-morning erections when she isn’t there. She tells me I worry too much and it’s just fear of failure that’s bothering me, but relaxing is easier said than done.
We are planning a weekend away. Would being on neutral territory help?

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