How hushpuppi makes he’s money – Must see

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Yesterday I quietly watched the drama unfold between him and Davido as they both argued on social media on who has more money. The later said he spent 130 million naira in December alone, the former said he spent 11.5 milion naira in the club a few nights ago.



Quick biography of Hushpuppi in photos :) Basically, he is the guy who walks around Malaysia with a glass of champagne.

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Image result for hushpuppi versace

Moving on.
In order to prove a point, hushpuppi told people to drop their bank account details on Twitter and Instagram so he could secretly surprise them with money. Soon enough, twitter users began confessing of receiving alerts -300k, 500k, running to the tune of one million naira by Hushppi but there were no screenshots to prove that as these benefactors had stated he insisted there were not allowed to post such. Story story?

Then hushpuppi asked Twitter to verify him based on this feat;

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