Watch this this wicked Nanny was caught doing to this baby on Cam would should you


Filmed in Macedonia, the sickening video shows the woman repeatedly slapping,
shaking and pinching the nine-month-old child.

Clearly distressed, the young child screams loudly as the woman shouts at him
at the beginning of the video.

Sickeningly, the woman continues to physically abuse the child even after he
remains silent, appearing to cruelly torment and punish the baby boy for her
own entertainment.

After slapping the baby for the fourth time, he begins to cry and she responds
by viciously bouncing his chair, while shouting “shh” and
smothering him under a blanket.

When it appears the baby may have fallen asleep, she checks under the blanket
and slaps him before pushing him hard in what appears to be the face and
again vigorously shaking the chair.

The woman has pled ‘not guilty’ in court and has been ordered a 30-day
detention. If found guilty, she could face up to ten years in prison.


The video has been shared on LiveLeak,
where it was been played nearly 20,000 times.

Many viewers have commented on the video, voicing their outrage. One viewer
said: “I can’t handle videos of innocent and defenceless kids being treated
that way. The baby can’t even cry anymore, they stop crying when they’re
constantly treated this way, takes too much energy.”

Another said: “Sick to my stomach after watching this.”

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